When talking about golf travel, countries that most commonly come up are : Scotland, Spain and many different spots in US and around the world. Today, i wanted to discuss severely underrated place that i think is perfect destination for golfers looking for a good vacation. That place is France, more specifically, south France. When people think of traveling to France, the first things that come to mind are beautiful streets of France and top notch food. Those things are great, and another few reasons for why France is worth checking out, but in this article, i will stick with beautiful golf courses in southern coastline of France.

  Depending on where you are flying from, there are many options. For me, being from UK, flying from London to Nice airport is the most convenient route. It is only two hours by airplane from here, and it costs less than what it would cost me to go to Scotland. Southern part of France is usually a warm place, but still, i wouldn’t recommend visiting it with purposes of playing golf in winter. It may be a bit cold. The best time to play golf in southern part of France, for me, is autumn and spring. I don’t like to travel there for golfing in summer because it’s a bit too hot for my tastes. The other two seasons, except for summer and winter, are just perfect for me. Basically, March through June, and September through November are my favorite times to visit the place. It is also  smarter to visit french Riviera in off-season months like these. First off, you won’t have to deal with swarm of tourists that go there during the summer, and second, you won’t have to pay extra to make up for high demand for accomodation that these tourists cause. To avoid further delays because of large number of tourists, try to fly during the week as well. That way, you won’t be stuck at airport for hours and you will be able to get straight to business of playing golf. You don’t have to stay in Nice though – in fact, most of my favorite golf courses are far away from this beautiful city. In order to get around, i usually rent a car right at the airport when i land. It’s much cheaper and convenient than taking buses or using other ways of transport.
I wouldn’t recommend staying in Nice for long. Most of the time, i choose smaller city in middle of the coastline, so that i have better mobility and options to go wherever i want. My favorite city is Cannes, as it is small, beautiful city and offers lots of options for accommodation and having fun. Prices are also reasonable.

 As i’ve mentioned before, France isn’t famous for its golf courses, so don’t expect any world class facilities there, but there are plenty of excellent spots. Local people are more than welcoming, totally different from stereotypes about french.

 You can start packing your golf clubs now, but just keep in mind – there are rental options available locally as well. They are solid clubs for all levels of experience, so i don’t see the point in spending a fortune on shipping your set. Best of luck and have a good time!