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Women and golf – history and current situation

Until very recently, golf wasn’t the inclusive sport it is today. Most of the players used to be rich white males and you can still kind of see heritage of that exclusivity today. But nonetheless, things are changing – more and more girls, among other minority groups, are starting to get into golf. Championships are practically exploding. Number of participants is growing every year. Golf club manufacturers are starting to realize their mistake in ignoring this segment before, and are coming up with new women’s club designs every day.   Golfing is one of the most exciting and rewarding hobbies i’ve ever had as a woman, and in a way, that’s why i’m writing this post. To show how easy it is to get started in golf.
 The main reason for why women choose not to play golf, is their attitude. Unlike their brothers, girls usually haven’t been taught how to play golf in their childhood. So they are afraid of the unknown. They are afraid of trying and failing. But i think that’s ridiculous for number of reasons. First of all, everyone has to start from somewhere. Second of all, even if you try and fail to become good, that shouldn’t bother you. Most of the people who play golf on the golf course are bad at it anyway. In my opinion, golf is a sport that is best enjoyed when you don’t put too much pressure on yourself and your peers to succeed. There are championships, of course, but i think true joy of golf can be best felt by not competing.  If you’re among these people, i would recommend taking one or two golf lessons. They can’t teach you how to be good at golf, but they can teach you basic rules and give you useful golf-related advice. If you don’t have women’s golf clubs yet, you’ll need to buy that as well. Here are some good tips on how to buy ladies’ golf clubs.

Just in few hours of practice and internet research, you can learn basics of golf very easily. If you’re planning on playing on golf course, etiquette is also important. Unlike what others may say about golf, the truth is that you don’t have to be rich or great player to enjoy it. Quality women’s golf club sets can be bought for as little as two hundred dollars. As of being good at it, it’s definitely a plus to know the game well, but at the end of the day, if you understand the basics of swing and shooting the ball, you’ll have fun regardless of your level. Golf is also a great way to socialize with people and make friends. It’s no secret that businessmen use it solely for that purpose. So that they can get closer to their clients on personal level. You can use it to make friends, or make existing friendship bonds even stronger.

   Most of the things that need to be learned can be summed up quite easily. First of all, you should get familiar with the names of the gear. What is driver? When is it supposed to be used? And so on with other golf clubs. Once you have basic understanding of answers to those questions, move on to more complicated stuff like understanding golf idioms and making sense of the rules. It’s also useful to take a walk around golf course that you are interested in. Scouting the location beforehands can make things less complicated once you arrive at the golf course to play golf for the first time. For people who’ve went to golf courses since they were children this might seem simple, but golf courses are intimidating and getting the hang of where everything is, is kind of tricky. It’s also important to learn about how to buy proper golf equipment and attire. Equipment is rather straightforward, but when it comes to clothing, there are many details like sizing and design that you need to pay attention to. You don’t want to order golf shoes or golf bag, only to find out that it’s not compatible with your golf club set.
   My other advice would be to not be afraid of trying new things. Things that you’re bad at. So many women i’ve met don’t want to try to practice their swing and long game. They prefer to focus on using putters to play mini-golf style game. I understand that it might be hard to do things you’re not good at, but you will eventually get better by doing. Avoiding just means that your golf skills will remain forever stagnant. I think the reason for why golf is so satisfying is the process. Hitting long drive and finally putting it in the hole with putter can be extremely satisfying. It’s also super important to always stay relaxed and not get angry at yourself for missing shots or something like that. Not only is it pointless, it also gets in the way of your game. Big part of success in golf is mental ability to stay focused and calm.  

 And my last, but definitely most important advice for women who are just getting started, would be : don’t focus on others too much and stop comparing your results or skills to theirs. Especially men and especially those who appear on TV. Men have natural advantage in strength, and the professional golfers on TV have advantage called tons of practice.  TV golf tournaments are more like show business rather than anything related to how golf is really played. So don’t obsess over their results and don’t try to emulate them. It’s pointless and you’re better off being comfortable in your own skin anyway. Your goal should be to spend time doing what you like – playing golf, not reaching some superficial goal.

How i found perfect game improvement iron

Before i get into my story, i want to make things clear about my background. I have never wanted or tried to be professional golfer, i’m just the guy who likes to golf in his free time on weekends, that’s all. I’m not even very good at playing golf. I have high handicap (can’t give exact number, because it tends to fluctuate) and considering how little i spend on improving myself, it doesn’t seem likely to ever change.   My handicap is 14 and I have never been lower than 13. I don’t think i have natural talent for golf, yet, if i played and practiced more, maybe i could get a whole lot better. This post won’t be about importance of practice in golf, though. It will be about amazing game improvement irons that i discovered.
My biggest problem always has been making slices and similar mistakes. I thought it was because of my swing, which isn’t perfect even now, but i didn’t realize equipment could have such a big role in how often you slice your golf shots. But that’s not to say that i didn’t try different golf clubs. I did experiment with various irons over last few years, but none of them were remarkable enough to truly make a difference. I don’t know, they might have been useful for solving problems that i didn’t have, all i know is that they couldn’t help me. On the other hand, i never tried latest release golf clubs with fancy designs and high prices. I thought releasing them was just a ploy by golf manufacturers to make golfers hand over more money. I still think that it’s better to spend money on instructors and use basic clubs when you’re beginner, but at this point, i wasn’t beginner anymore. I had few years’ experience, and wasn’t going anywhere.

 That was when i first heard about PXG irons. Rumors had it that they were trying to make perfect game improvement iron, one that would help everyone. I was naturally curious, but high prices of their irons scared me a little bit. I kept hearing good things though, and read some reviews on online golf portals, so decided that it was worth the try. I didn’t go out to retail store though, as i still had budget concerns. Instead, i stalked craigslist listings for PXG clubs, and eventually, one became available for sell. For those who are in similar situations like mine, this is excellent way to save money on golf clubs. Just wait few months after they are released, and they are going to start to be sold at half or even less the original price. Getting good utility clubs for rare occasions when you need them is also very good idea. Here are few tips to help you in process of choosing them.

 Back to PXG irons. When i first held them, i had a feeling they were different from any other club i’ve tried before. After taking first shot, i was sure of it and fell in love with these clubs instantly. I had never before enjoyed hitting golf club so much. PXG irons had excellent feel to them and results were remarkable as well. My problems of bad shots like slices instantly disappeared and my handicap started going down as well. Not as far down as i’d initially like, but still, results were there. Plus, you can’t really blame golf clubs for not improving your handicap significantly, equipment alone can’t really fix your game. You have to put effort yourself, and i understand that.

When i read golf club reviews in the past, i always thought that reviewers were exaggerating feel or game improvement effects of this or that club. I didn’t believe golf clubs could make such a difference. After trying PXG clubs though, now i know what it feels like. They are consistent, feel well and distance has increased compared to past golf clubs. Even when you make dire mistakes in hitting the golf ball, forgiving nature of these clubs evens out the effect. If i knew that this was possible, i might have even paid hundreds of dollars for new pair. But used set seems to be holding up pretty well too.

Life Lessons to be Learned From Playing Golf

When you spend a lot of time doing one thing, you start to make out lessons from it. Maybe it’s not even there, and is only in your head, but still, i think golf has taught me quite a lot, and want to share these lessons with the rest of the world. So, here we go.

 First is the lesson of freedom and being honest with yourself. In golf, unlike most games i know, you aren’t being judged by anyone else but yourself. I think that is in contrast with becoming adult. When you’re in your twenties, for the first time in your life, there’s no one watching over your shoulder. You are free to do however you please. Your mistakes are going to be your responsibility to fix down the road, and your victories will also be yours.  There are certain rules in golf that you’re expected to follow, of course, but adhering to those rules is totally up to you. I don’t think soccer player would ever call penalty or offside on himself/herself, but it’s actually golfer’s main responsibility to call him or herself out when he/she’s done something wrong.

 I have also learned to live in peace with my mistakes and not obsess over what could’ve been. Sometimes, in fact, most of the times, you feel like you’ve done everything right, but the outcome is wrong, or not as good as you thought. Trying to find reasons for every mistake will drive you insane. It might have just been something out of your control, like wind. That is not to say that reflecting on yourself is unimportant. Of course you should always examine your actions to decide what you’re doing right and what you’re doing wrong. Point is, you shouldn’t obsess over mistakes, and sometimes you might do your best but still fail and it’s not a catastrophe.  Most things in life are out of your control. Try your best at things that are within your control, but letting go of thing that are beyond it is just as important.

Another important lesson is to not over-analyze. I used to do this – whenever i had to buy a golf club for myself, i would read dozens of reviews. Now i realized how much time that wastes, and instead, usually read quick and informative reviews about golf clubs, like this one.

  Golf has also taught me value of being focused on the thing you’re doing right now and give your all to it. Doing many things at once is really detrimental to the outcome of all of those things. We’re just not wired to multitask, and i learned that the hard way while playing golf. It is valuable lesson for the real world, because sometimes you might feel overwhelmed by bunch of things you have to take care of. You should always remember to take them on one by one though. Learning to focus on one crucial task is extremely important.

 I covet this skill the most, and it was also learned on golf course. That skill is problem solving. There are many things that can go wrong on the golf course, forcing you to learn how to get around them without getting too frustrated.

Last, but definitely not least, is the skill of keeping quiet instead of being brash. As a kid, you learn to keep the volume down in order to respect others’ privacy. This builds empathy for other golfers, which is another good trait to have.